We are open 7 days a week from 10:30am - 8pm. Our first pool begins to drain at 7:15pm.


The following rules and recommendations aim to protect the health and safety of all patrons. For more information, please email info@hotpools.co.nz

  • The natural geothermal water used in the pools can contain naturally occurring organisms and Waikite Valley Hotpools asks patrons to please keep their head above water while bathing, as ingestion of the water can result in illness. 
  • Children 8 years old and under must be actively supervised by a caregiver 16 years or older. Active supervision means being in, or on the side of the same pool as the child at all times and being able to provide immediate help if required. An adult/s must be close enough to see the child, be seen by the child, hear the child, be heard by the child and reach the child immediately.
  • No children under the age of 14 will be permitted entry without an adult. 
  • Swimwear/appropriate clothing must be worn at all times whilst in the pools. 
  • All infants must wear swimwear appropriate to limit accidents. 
  • No diving or jumping into the pools. 
  • No running around the complex. 
  • No lifting (shoulder riding) in the pools. 
  • No food or drink in the pools (besides drinking water). 
  • Customers are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the complex. 
  • No sports gear, water guns or water balloons. 
  • No speakers or personal music to be played in earshot of other pool users.
  • No smoking or vaping. 
  • No BBQ’s or cooking apparatus to be in the pool complex.
  • All picnic food must be consumed on the picnic tables by the settlers pool, not in the cafe. 
  • The use of cameras must respect the privacy of other pool users.
  • No drones.
  • No pets in the pool complex, with the exception of certified assistance dogs (documentation will be required). Campers are not permitted to bring pets into the campground during long weekends or busy periods. Please email info@hotpools.co.nz for more information.
  • All danger signs in and around the complex must be adhered to and restricted areas must not be entered.
  • Always stay on the path provided and refrain from climbing on the fences or barriers when doing the Eco Trail.

We Recommend:

  • To rehydrate with water while using the pools. 
  • That infants wear swimming nappies, these can be purchased at reception. 
  • That any patrons with underlying medical conditions get in contact with their doctor if they have any reservations about using our hot pools.
  • To check the depth and temperature of the pool before entering.
  • That all clothing/valuables be left in lockers. Waikite Valley Hotpools does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of belongings. 
  • Treating all surfaces as slippery, take extra care.
  • Always use the handrails provided.
  • Not to swim after consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • Exit the pools if you feel unwell. 
  • Request medical attention if unwell.
  • Never swim alone.