We are open 7 days a week from 10:30am - 8pm. Our first pool begins to drain at 7:15pm.

Environmental Performance Policy

Policy Statement

Waikite Valley Hot Pools is dedicated to utilizing and continuing to develop environmentally friendly practices in order to minimize our environmental footprint.
This policy outlines the ways in which we achieve this.


Gravity feed water systems where possible.
  • Biodegradable environmentally friendly products used where possible. These include rubbish bags, paper cups, EnviroTech multipurpose cleaners and sanitizer, toilet rolls and printing paper.
  • We recycle all glass, tin, plastic and cardboard and encourage our visitors to do the same.
  • We use a skip instead of a rubbish hole or burning it
  • Sand filtration beds used in the septic system
  • As lighting requires replacement LED lights are being installed. Lights are on sensors and daylight switches.
  • Drying rooms heated by geothermal water is both provided for Campers and business use.
  • Internal heating provided by Radiator heaters which utilize geothermal water to heat.
  • Energy efficiency is a key determinant in all equipment purchases.

 Waikite Valley Hot Pools is a founding member and continues to be a member of the Sustainable Tourism Charter.