Thermal Pools

Rotorua's Waikite Valley Thermal Pools is a natural thermal bathing complex. Water for our pools comes straight out of the Te Manaroa natural boiling spring, and is then cooled before entering (and exiting) the pools.

This 100% natural thermal water is not treated with any chemicals whatsoever nor is it filtered or recycled back into the pools. The ‘Living Waters’ of Waikite Valley is the only thermal pool complex of this size in New Zealand using only 100% pure natural geothermal water. Given the nature of the water we recommend that you keep your head above water when swimming.

Indulge in the soft calcite-laden mineral water in temperatures of 35-38°Celsius seducing you into a total state of relaxation. Waikite Valley Thermal Pools season passes make thermal bathing a truly affordable indulgence to be enjoyed all year round.




The Settlers Pool

The Settlers Pool is the foundation of the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools complex. It marks the beginnings of bathing in the Te Manaroa Spring Waters whereby settlers to the Waikite Valley devised a means by which to divert and cool the boiling waters of Te Manaroa. A series of cascades was built to flow the thermal waters over with the intention of using air temperatures to cool the water from the spring to suitable bathing temperatures. Once this was achieved they set about to build a pool, the Settlers pool for all to enjoy. The Settlers pool was opened on 1st July 1972.

Sit and Soak - Passive Bathing Pool

With an average temperature of 35°-38° Celsius, it's easy to soak away stress and worries whilst taking in the fresh country air. This pool is situated just above the main splash pool in its own area amongst native shrubbery and overlooks steamy Waikite Valley.

Tranquil Garden Pool

Our landscaped Tranquil Garden Pool overlooks the boiling Otamakokore Stream and out across the Waikite Valley through native bush. Enjoy nature’s ambience at its best during the day or soak under the stars at night and take in the fresh country air.

​Pergola Pool

Enjoy stunning views overlooking the boiling Otamakokore Stream and Waikite Valley beyond while soaking in the 36°-39° Celsius covered Pergola Pool.

​Outdoor Tubs

Relax in  the outdoor tubs  for a cool off while watching the action in the main family splash pool.

Private Spas

We have four private pools where bathers can select and control the water temperature of their individual pool. Enjoy a soothing soak surrounded by native bush and geothermal activity as well as views into Waikite Valley beyond. Bookings recommended, please arrive 10 minutes prior to booking time.

CONTACT US to book private spas.



Changing Facilities

Clean, functional changing facilities, offering plenty of room changing, hot showers, toilets and easy access for wheelchairs.