We are open 7 days a week from 10:30am - 8pm. Our first pool begins to drain at 7:15pm.

Terms and Conditions


Waikite Valley Hotpools will not tolerate harassment and intimidation of staff or harassment and intimidation of visitors by other visitors. Waikite Valley Hotpools reserves the right to ask people to remove themselves from either the pool or campground complex if their behaviour compromises either their own safety or the safety of other pool users or staff. Serious misconduct may result in a trespass order for up to 2 years.

Cancellation Policy 

- Any cancellations made within the 24 hour period of the booking will not result in a refund. This is for all items. - Any cancellations for the Eco Trail will not result in a refund. - Gift card sales are final and non-refundable.

- For the campground, any cancellations made before the 24 hour period will incur a refund, however a $25 fee will be deducted per site.

- For the private pools, general pools and soak package, any cancellations made before the 24 hour period will incur a refund, however a $10 fee will be deducted.

Campground Policy

- Check in time is from 2pm - 7:30pm and check out time is 11am. Unless you have pre-purchased an early check in, strictly no arrivals before 2pm. The pools are not available to campers after check out time. Full General admission fees will apply unless prior arrangement has been made

- This is a Family Friendly Complex. In the event of excess noise after 9pm (21.00hrs ) or anti social behavior occurring, your campsite occupants will be asked to leave without the option of a refund. 

- Campers are not permitted to swim before 6am. 
- Pets are not permitted in the campground during long weekends and public holidays. If you would like more information about this, please email us at info@hotpools.co.nzWhere pets are allowed to stay they are to be kept under control at all time. Any unruly behavior by pets may result in the owners being removed, without refund. With the exception of certified assistance dogs (documentation required), all pets are to be on a leash and are not permitted in the pool complex or the Eco Trail for the thermal environment and patrons safety. All animal mess is to be cleaned up by the owners.

- Each campsite is allocated 1 parking space unless prior arrangement is made.

- Ensure that your vehicle or tent fits comfortably within the dimensions stated in the description of the site that you booked. A refund will not be granted for campers who reserve a unsuitable site.

- Campers and Visitors who park at the Waikite Valley Hot Pools in either the campground or General Public parking areas do so at their own risk. Waikite Valley Hot Pools will not be held responsible for any damages to property that may occur whilst on site.

Peak rates apply to the campground during long weekends and our peak season. For more information email info@hotpools.co.nz

Rules must be followed at all times.

​​General Pools Policy

- All general admission tickets purchased to use the pools are for single admission only. 

Rules must be followed at all times.

Private Pools Policy

- Late arrivals or no shows will result in booking cancellation without a refund. 

- If you would like to change your private pool booking time, please contact us with at least 4 hours notice on (07) 3331861 or info@hotpools.co.nz. We cannot guarantee that your preferred time will be available. 

- Private pool bookings are for 40 minutes. Any excess of 40 minutes in the private pool will result in an additional charge. You are welcome to use the 6 general pools before and after your private pool session.

- There must be a minimum of 2 adults to safely use the private pools and children must be actively supervised at all times.

Rules must be followed at all times.

Pricing Policy

- All pricing is subject to change. Peak rates apply to the campground during long weekends and busy periods. For more information email info@hotpools.co.nz

Lost Property Policy

- Items of lost property will be held for no longer than 1 week. Please make direct contact regarding items you may have left at our complex by phoning (07) 3331861 or emailing info@hotpools.co.nz Once contact is made, collection of lost property or a prepaid postage bag must have been sent within 1 month, otherwise it will be disposed of.

Cafe Policy

- No outside food is to be brought or consumed on cafe terraces and/or in the cafe. This includes items for special occasions, e.g. Birthday Cakes.
- All picnic food is required to be eaten on the picnic tables by the Settlers Pool which is an uncovered area. Use of the cafe area and tables for picnic food will not be permitted if it rains during your visit.

Tours and Group Bookings Policy

- Given that this is a water-based activity, we require a ratio of 1:2 (Adults : Children 4 years old and under) and a ratio of 1:4 (Adults : Children 5 - 11 years old). Active supervision at all times is the responsibility of the group organiser/leader. Active supervision means watching the child at all times and being able to provide immediate help. The adult/s must be close enough to see the child, be seen by the child, hear the child, be heard by the child and reach the child immediately if they need help.

- The group organiser/leader must first see a shift supervisor before the children enter the pool premises. You will be given instructions for the group. School and ECE groups may be restricted to the Settlers Pool.

- Our prices do not alter for groups. Therefore, please be familiar with our prices and the different options that we offer. If you have senior members within your group, who are 65+, they will be required to show their date of birth in order to recieve a discount. This can either be in the form of a Super Gold Card (NZ citizens only), drivers license or passport.

Please email info@hotpools.co.nz at least 72hours prior to your arrival with the following information:
  • Name of your tour company 

  • Name/s of the tour guide/s 

  • The date and approximate time you will be visiting 

  • The total number of guests in your group (maximum of 50 people).

  • How you will be travelling, e.g. a bus, van etc.

  • Your preferred method of payment (we prefer payment on arrival).

  • Please request a RAMS form

- Ensure you understand the following in an emergency:

  • Assess the situation and treat as needed.

  • Seek help from a member of staff with First Aid Training.

  • There is a First Aid kit available at reception and an AED available in the campground.

  • There is a phone at reception to call an ambulance if needed.

- Ensure you do the following for Risk Management:

  • Ensure that your group understand and follow our Rules at all times.

  • Outline safe procedures for moving around complex.

  • Use the correct entry and exit points around the pool to minimise geothermal wet spots.

  • Point out all signage and ensure your group understands how to follow it.

  • Point out our restricted areas to be kept away from.

  • Access to Te Manaroa Spring only with active adult supervision.

  • Active supervision with ratios as per specified at all times while in the complex.

  • Group members must, at all times, follow the instructions as set out by the group supervisor or be removed from the complex.

Complaints Policy

- Should you wish to make a complaint regarding our services and/or complex, please make a complaint in writing to manager@hotpools.co.nz



This is a Family Friendly Complex. In the event of excess noise after 9pm (21.00hrs ) or anti social behavior occurring, your site occupants will be asked to leave.