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7 Reasons Why it’s Better to visit Rotorua in Winter

1. Less people

Visiting off-peak means there’s less people around, so less time waiting around in queues and more time to enjoy yourself! Get the best seats at dinner, have unobstructed views of the sights, and have a bit of peace and quiet to unwind and relax without hoards of people. 

2. More Steam

The geothermal areas in Rotorua get more steamy as the temperatures drop, so the landscapes are more spectacular and your holiday snaps are way more impressive! Get out for an early morning winter walk, and you might be lucky enough to see the morning rays of sunlight hitting that steam and making everything look like a scene from a magical movie. 

3. It’s a long time between holidays

It’s a long stretch from Queen’s Birthday in June to Labour Day in October, so you’re not alone in needing a break! Lock in a couple of days leave to make that weekend even longer, or sneak away for a midweek treat to break up the long winter months. 

4. Hero Dirt

Whakarewarewa Forest is known for it’s ‘hero dirt’. The pumice ground drains quickly, so the mountain bike trails hold up really well whatever the weather, creating one of the best year-round biking destinations. 

5. Hot Pools

Whichever direction you head in Rotorua, you won’t be far from a hot pool, so whatever adventure you get up to, you know you’re just minutes away from a steaming soak to warm up again afterwards. 

6. Combat SAD

Seasonal affective disorder is when we feel under the weather during the winter months. If you’re feeling the winter blues, a trip away to make time for some self-love could be just what you need to give your mood a boost. Get out into nature and soak up that fresh forest air, or slow down and relax with a spa treatment or afternoon reading your favourite book in a hot pool. 

7. We’re on the way to the snow

If you’re heading down to Ruapehu from Auckland, we’re an ideal stop off to break up the journey. Soak the tired muscles on the way home, or hit the bike trails when the weather and snow aren’t playing ball at the ski fields!
7 Reasons Why it’s Better to visit Rotorua in Winter
Waikite Valley Hot Pools7 Reasons Why it’s Better to visit Rotorua in Winter
Waikite Valley Hot Pools