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The Health Benefits of Waikites Natural Mineral Water.


For years Waikite Valley Thermal Pools pure geothermal water has been used as a healing centre for people looking to soothe tired aching muscles or to help cure sickness or ailments. Rotorua is a part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, a geothermal field extending from White Island off the Bay of Plenty coast to Mt Ruapehu far in the south.

Geothermal features in the region include volcanic crater lakes, spouting geysers, hissing fumaroles, bubbling mud pools, colourful sinter terraces, hot water rivers and pools which have all encouraged visitors to the region since the 1800s.

What is it about the geothermal water filled with minerals that makes us feel so relaxed, refreshed and revitalised?

The water comes from areas where there is thermal activity. This natural body of water is brought to the surface where the temperatures are above that of the surrounding earth. The high mineral content is a creation of heated water being able to hold more dissolved solids and the heat helps those minerals get soaked up by the body which in turn stimulates certain body processes. Soaking in these hot mineral laden waters filled with calcium, magnesium, silica and lithium is like having a multivitamin for the skin and help the body in many ways. 

Waikite hot pools are full of calcite which helps to both soothe and rejuvenate those with musculoskeletal problems or people who have pushed their muscles to the limit taking advantage of our local biking, hiking or skiing activities.

It can also help some that experience Excema or skin conditions as it will stop the itching, redness and cover. 

Feel like you have a bit of nasal congestion, then visit our hotpools. The heat and the steam coming of the water clears out those passages instantly.

Now that its winter and our circulations have slowed down you may find you are really feeling the cold. Thermal water can help with circulation and also to lower high blood pressure. 

Regular soaks in Waikite Valley Thermal Pools are perfect to get your body back to feeling great and what’s more healthy then taking time to relax your stress away sitting amongst the beautiful volcanic Waikite Valley, 15 minutes from the adventure town of Rotorua, surrounded by New Zealand ferns.

The Health Benefits of Waikites Natural Mineral Water.
Waikite Valley Hot PoolsThe Health Benefits of Waikites Natural Mineral Water.
Waikite Valley Hot PoolsThe Health Benefits of Waikites Natural Mineral Water.
Waikite Valley Hot Pools